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Presentazioni e Pubblicazioni ufficiali


Sochi Olympic Games Security Together With Vibraimage

From Olympic Games start to finish with Elsys Corp. Sochi, 2013-2014

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 Workshop on Behaviour Detection — Prague, 22 September, 2015

Vibraimage in the world, from Ing. Filip Krejcik

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From EmSEC Together With Vibraimage Security

Emirates security exhibition & conference, Dubai, 28-29 October, 2014

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Transport Security Seminar, Department of Security Technologies and Engineering, Faculity of Transportation Science, Czech Technical University, Prague, May, 16-17, 2013

Vibraimage system application for transport security, lecture of Dr. Oleg Marynov, Elsys Corp., SPb, Russia

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CYTER 2012 Conference, Prague, June, 12-13, 2012

Behavioral detection phenomen — Vibraimage, bc., Jan Tuma

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Vibraimage seminar, Seoul, Korea, June, 27-28, 2012

Polygraph development in Russian Federation., Andrey Medvedev, polygraph expert

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